This book is not about one unique fashion brand, its innovation, and the financial returns it achieved; it's about the quantifiable, success-based patterns shared across the elite fashion companies. It's about how you can use common business essentials to better your fashion business, fashion organization, fashion team, or yourself and produce exponential growth. It's about executing the essentials and linking them. It's about taking the actions that matter while avoiding pitfalls. While the book is based on quantitative evidence, it provides insightful analysis and very personal stories.

Both fact-based and actionable, The Fashion Hustle contains tried and true fashion business methods mixed with the current market trends - - that provides valuable insights into success-based business building. Adopting and executing one or more essentials will maximize your growth-both personally and corporately. Whether you apply these essentials to your fashion brand, growth strategies, identifying up-and-coming growth companies or for education, you will find The Fashion Hustle of unique value.